March 15, 2021

Join to the UZ Energy Community

COMMUNITY: UZ Energy is proud to announce the launch of UZ Energy Community, an open forum for sharing insights and ...

June 1, 2020

The stability issues of perovskite photovoltaics

UZ INSIGHTS: Lauded as the next-generation solar cell, perovskite has raised much attention. But stability issues needs to be solved.

May 5, 2020

Power Mega: The Safe, Reliable & Long-life Solution

UZ INSIGHTS: The Power Mega Series is a joint effort between UZ Energy and CATL. Learn all about it in ...

May 3, 2020

Introducing the Power Lite Series

UZ NEWS: Introducing the brand new Power Lite Series. The safe and scalable LFP battery solution that matches with 48V ...

April 13, 2019

UZ unveils new product

UZ NEWS: UZ Energy is proud to introduce the UZ Butterfly, a premium home energy storage system.

April 5, 2019

Meet UZ Energy at Intersolar

UZ NEWS: UZ Energy will be showcasing at the world's leading exhibition for the solar industry.

March 5, 2019

UZ launches new brand design and website

UZ NEWS: UZ unveils new visual identity and global brand website.

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