Power Lite HV Series

The flexible High Voltage battery solution

Power Lite HV is a safe and flexible solution designed to optimize your energy usage. With a tier-1 LFP battery and IEC/UL certifications, it guarantees excellent safety.

Easily customizable from 10 to 30 kWh in a single cluster or up to 300 kWh with multiple clusters, this solution adapts to all your energy needs.

The system works seamlessly with a wide range of inverters (80-750 V) and includes a Blackstart feature for uninterrupted power during outages.

With self-heating at low temperatures and an IP55 outdoor installation rating, it performs reliably in any climate.

Enjoy easy installation with automatic cluster configuration and continuous upgrades via OTA updates.

With a 10-year lifespan, our Home Energy Storage System empowers you to embrace renewable energy, reduce costs, and secure a greener future for your home.

  • Residential energy storage system
  • Off-grid energy storage
  • Micro-grid applications
  • UPS power supply

Power Lite HV

  • Nominal output (single unit)

    5.1 kWh

  • Nominal voltage (single unit)

    102.4 V

  • Dimensions [W*D*H]

    560*400*503 mm

  • Life span

    10 years


Power Lite HV: 4 and 6 unit configurations

Power Lite HV configurations seen from the side

Power Lite HV: 2 and 3 unit configurations

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