Proudly made
in China

When it comes to energy storage ‘Made in China’ is more than a definition of origin, it’s a promise of innovation and premium quality.
UZ is a company that’s born out of the energy revolution that’s currently taking place in China. In fact, today, China is the global hub for battery and energy storage technologies. For example, Chinese manufacturers added as much battery storage capacity in 2018 as all previous years combined.

We believe the best and most sophisticated solutions come from close collaborations with our partners.

But it’s not just about scale. The revolution is built on the type of ground-breaking innovation, focused research and heavy investments that lead to high-performing and high-quality products. Our battery partner, CATL, employs over 3,400 personnel in Research and Development alone in their efforts to set the global standards in energy storage.

Driving innovation together

For a company like ours, being at the epicenter of this revolution brings several advantages. It allows us to design and develop our solutions in close proximity to our suppliers. This way, we can improve and optimize our products every step of the way. We are part of a knowledge cluster that drives innovation through collaboration and shared efforts.

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