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What is a home energy storage system?

A home energy storage system is a smart solution to store power from your solar panels on a battery for you to use, whenever you need it in your home. Intelligent software enables you to monitor and manage everything on your phone or computer.

What are the benefits of a home energy storage system?

A system like the UZ Butterfly saves you money on your utility bills. It also reduces your carbon footprint and generally makes you more independent from the utility companies. Another benefit is the protection from power outages.

How does the UZ Butterfly work?

The UZ Butterfly enables you to store the energy from your solar panels. This is convenient because your power is produced during the day when your power consumption is usually at the lowest. Instead, you can store your electricity for when you need it. Learn more about the UZ Butterfly.

Where do I place my UZ Butterfly?

Let’s face it. Most home energy storage systems are unattractive boxes with wires going in and out in every direction — not the UZ Butterfly. With elegant product design, premium materials and smart cable management, you can place your Butterfly anywhere you see fit. Find out more about our design philosophy.

Do I need solar panels to use the UZ Butterfly?

Yes. The entire idea behind home energy storage systems like the UZ Butterfly is to allow you to harness 100% clean energy from the sun. The battery lets you use the electricity when you need it.

Will the UZ Butterfly allow me to go off grid?

Our home energy storage systems are designed to provide electricity when the sun isn’t shining or temporary backup in the event of a power grid failure. The amount of energy you can use from your system depends on the capacity of your battery.

What is an inverter?

Your solar panels produce direct current (DC) power. The electrical devices in your home run on alternating current (AC) power. The inverter is a smart device that converts DC power to AC power so that you can enjoy your self-produced electricity.

Do I need a stand-alone inverter?

You need a stand-alone inverter if your energy storage system doesn’t have one built-in. Some markets around the world do not allow for all-in-one systems and therefore require you to have a stand-alone inverter.

What if I use more electricity than I produce?

If your battery is empty, your electricity supply will automatically shift to your mains. The switch is so fast that you will not even notice it.

How complicated is the installation?

We have designed out home energy storage systems like the UZ Butterfly to require a minimum of installation. The installation needs to be done by an authorized electrician. Ask your local dealer about the specific process for your home.

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