The way we power the world is changing. With innovative energy storage, brand new and exciting opportunities arise for generating and transmitting energy. Together with our customers, we help to create a brighter and cleaner future.

The technologies are finally ready for energy storage to drastically improve the ways power networks operate today. At UZ, we help utilities and enterprises to become leaders within their fields with innovative hardware and software solutions.

Flexible solutions

Our company offers a series of storage systems for large scale power production. We work with customers all over the world and design turnkey solutions that fit the needs of each project and boost the overall sustainability.

The benefits of energy storage

There are several reasons to consider energy storage as part of intermittent power plants like solar and wind farms. Firstly, it has the potential to reduce demands on distribution and transmission infrastructure by absorbing power that exceeds current demand. An integrated storage solution can also improve reliability though backup service in case of a power failure. In markets where the cost of generating power is significantly lower at one point in time than another; storage can help smooth out these variables. Another benefit is the capacity to adjust the load curve and peak load shifting.

Let’s work together

Our client base includes government entities as well as private enterprises on a global scale, helping them achieve better efficiency and control of their power production. We support utility as well as commercial projects.

Power Mega Series

In collaboration with our partner, CATL, we deliver a range of standard cabinet solutions with flexible capacity combinations.

Please get in touch with our Field Application Engineers for more information.

Strong partnerships

Electrifying homes, businesses and societies is bigger than any one company. At UZ we don’t consider ourselves manufactures but as network architects and solutions designers.
We have made it a cornerstone of our business to form innovative collaborations and design the systems and networks that make every part come seamlessly together.

Reference projects


Qinghai Province, China

ESS for solar plant

Then-largest lithium-ion battery storage system with a solar plant in China.

  • 50MW solar power plant
  • 15MW/18MWh scale storage system
  • Commissioned 2015

North China

Scale wind and solar plant

Energy storage system, functions included renewable firming, tracking plan, power generation, peak shaving and frequency regulation.

  • 4MW storage rated power
  • 16MWh storage rated capacity

North-West China

ESS for solar plant

  • 100MW solar power plant
  • 5.4MWh battery ESS capacity
  • CATL 90Ah, 120Ah, 240Ah lithium battery
  • Commissioned 2018

Shenzhen, China

Laboratory project

  • Function: Test & Research
  • Rated power: 60kWh
  • Rated Capacity: 86kWh

Shenzhen, China

EV charging station

Charging stations connected to a PV system.

  • Function: Self-consumption, peak shaving
  • Rated power: 8kWh
  • Rated Capacity: 25kWh

Shenzhen, China

Laboratory project

  • 60kW/86kW Energy Storage Solution.
  • Conducted 2018

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Qinghai Province, China

ESS for solar plant

  • 50MW Solar power plant
  • 15MW/18MWh Energy storage solution
  • Conducted 2018

Shenzhen, China

Mobile charging station

Micro-grid mobile battery storage charging stations.

  • Conducted 2018
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