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March 15, 2021

Dear friends,

UZ ENERGY is a leading manufacturer and integrator of Energy Storage Systems with more than 100 MWh installed worldwide. Our company collaborates with global tier-1 suppliers of both inverters, solar panels, and batteries.

We are truly excited about the unlimited potential of renewable energy and dedicate ourselves to playing a part in unlocking its full potential. You can always follow our latest activities and products on our LinkedIn page. And now, we invite you to take part in our community.

Welcome to the UZ Energy Community

UZ Energy Community is an open online space for all system installers and DIY’ers to share information and learn about Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

The Community forum consists of different sections for you to explore. Share your own ESS solution or see what others are up to in the Showcase section. In Tech Vision, we discuss solar, inverters, and batteries, and we welcome insights from everyone, including researchers, industry professionals, and private enthusiasts.

We hope the UZ Energy Community will be a source of valuable insight and inspiration. A place where we learn from each other in our shared passion for unlocking the potential of renewables and ESS.

Last but not least, we have also created a Feedback section. Here, you can raise specific issues or inquiries with UZ Energy products issues. Our staff and engineers are standing by to help you.

Register now

Please register via And don’t forget to say hello to other members from all around the world in the Newcomers section.

Wherever you find your energy. Shine on.

Peter. W
Founder of UZ Energy Community

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