Power your

Energy storage systems for your home

Producing, storing and using your own clean electricity should be an effortless experience.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Make energy storage a welcoming part of your home with elegant product design and simple management.

Our solutions connect easily to your solar panels to create a complete and powerful system that you can control from anywhere.

Premium quality

Premium quality

Enjoy a premium storage solution made from the safest battery technology on the market.

Top-quality products that complement your home and keep you updated with useful overviews of your personal power plant.

Shine on. Even at night.

A typical household has the highest energy usage in the mornings and evenings when the family is home.

During the day, when the sun is up and energy demands are low, your battery stores surplus energy, for you to use when you need it.

  • Morning
  • Mid day
  • Evening

Off-grid power

Protect your household from the inconveniences of blackouts and power outages.

Your UZ storage solution automatically detects any grid issues and switches the power supply to your battery.


Harvest your energy straight from the sun to power your home day and night.


Reduce your electricity bill and sell any excess energy back into the power grid.


Bring home a solution that’s expertly made from the safest technology on the market.

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