Power Lite

Low-voltage, multi-purpose battery solution

Our low-voltage Power Lite Series is a safe and scalable LFP battery solution.

The compact single unit measures 3U in height in the standard configuration. The design allows for multi-parallel configurations (up to 16 units).

The flexible and scalable solution is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios:

  • Residential energy storage
  • Off-grid energy storage
  • Micro-grid applications
  • UPS power supply

Power Lite Series

  • Nominal output (single unit)

    5.12 kWh

  • Nominal output (16 units)

    80 kWh parallel config.

  • Dimensions (single unit)

    W440*D530*H132 mm

  • Nominal voltage (single unit)


  • Life span

    10 years


Standing / vertical configuration

Standard configuration

4 unit standard configuration

Standing / vertical configuration

Power Lite Standard configuration

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