The UZ design philosophy

Designing technology
that you want to
welcome home

Sometimes, the most important thing of innovation is the ability to add the human touch.

UZ was founded from a desire to make energy storage a welcoming experience in the home. By developing simple software for complex matters, making safe solutions for critical hardware and designing beautiful products for high-tech components.
And finally, ensuring that everything plays seamlessly together.

The design of a product is every bit as important as its performance.

Do more. Think less.

We want you to feel happy about your investment. To enjoy the experience of managing and using your self-generated energy any way you want.
In fact, the less you need to think about your system, the better. That’s when you know that it’s the right solution for you and your home.

Everyone deserves the freedom to decorate their home as they wish. That’s why we design products that never need to be hidden away in a basement or garage. Because choosing to run your home on the good kind of energy, should always be a pleasurable experience.

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