Battery solutions

High-efficiency batteries for home energy storage.

In addition to the new UZ Butterfly, we also offer a complete range of batteries for any type of residential solar system.
Our LFP batteries come with different capacities and are built for years of daily use. Each battery is engineered with high-actuary BMS to help optimize battery performance.

Our batteries connect seamlessly to your solar system and stores any surplus energy that isn’t immediately used in your home. After dark, you can power your home with the electricity stored on your battery.
Batteries can also be used for automatic backup power during a blackout. All UZ batteries are made in partnership with the world-leading manufacturer of energy storage solutions, CATL.

Model overview

  • Power Lite

    48 V/4.8 kWh capacity

  • Power Lite

    48 V/6.5 kWh capacity

  • Power Swift

    HV/12 kWh capacity


Power Lite 4.8 kWh

Power Lite 6.5 kWh

Power Swift 12 kWh

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